Monday, August 12, 2019

New Channel to Watch!

Bronwen Burton is someone who has always whose inspired me in my art. (For starters she's always given me a stern look or talking to whenever I didn't refer to my work as art).  We met close to 20 years ago and  have worked together in opera and regional theatre. We've shared booths at craft shows, shared tons of laughs, and a few tears when work or personal life has gotten tough. She is a treasure I am glad to have in my life.  As I have Lucky Zelda, Bronwen has Queen De Luxe.  Both of our ventures have morphed over the years and we continue to cheer each other on.

Bronwen has recently added to Queen De Luxe: YouTube!  She is posting weekly videos with instructions on vintage and theatrical sewing as well as short biweekly "Tool of the Week" videos teaching views about about tools of our trade.  She recently asked me to appear in an upcoming Queen De Luxe video in which I help her fit a mock-up of a 1920's dress she is recreating.  Stop by her YouTube channel and hit subscribe!

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  1. How do I reach you for alterations ??,my contact is 808 651-4563 I live in Laguna Woods