Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Inspiration's the Point

Like many artists, craftsmen, creators, idea people, whatever the title you fly on your flag, I have times where been creatively stuck. Not necessarily blocked, in that I can't continue but that I don't WANT to continue. I can be super excited about a project, maybe hit a snag or have a supply order delay and it completely takes the wind from my sails for that project. The lack of creative breeze sometimes is a couple hours, sometimes it's years. I know I'm not the only one.

Pictured above is my most recent luffing sail from a week ago. Earlier this year I saw a couple of corded petticoats.  They were not impressive. I said to myself (and out loud to a peer or two, I must admit) that I could do better. So here I am proving it to myself.  This photo was taken 5 rows in when it was still exciting.  Now completed 11 rows, I ran out of cord and I realized at row 10 I got a pucker on the under side. Sigh...

But today... Today I went with my dear friend, teacher, artist, mentor, weaver, spinner, and one of my biggest cheerleaders, Kathleen, to see the Guo Pei exhibit at Bowers Museum. It was beautiful! While Ms. Pei's art and mine are only similar in that they are worn by a human body, they were inspiring!  Being a technician, I looked up close at some of the construction techniques that I could see and can't wait to try them.  It was great to take in such beautiful wearable art with Kathleen, someone who is happy to geek out with me about weird little things I notice with my expertise as she points out weird little things that only someone with her expertise would notice. It was fun to point, wonder, giggle and appreciate the skill and talent that brought these garments to life. While we were chatting about each piece it was nice to over hear "ooohs" and "aaahs" from other patrons in the room.

So here I am. The comforting wind has once again filled my sail and I am inspired.  I'm about to once again pick up my corded petticoat project and am excited not only to wear the final product but to learn what this project has to teach me.

I encourage you to take yourself somewhere that inspires you. See, listen, touch, taste, smell! If possible take along someone that inspires and encourages you for the ride. We were created for community and I am convinced that the best creativity is drawn out of us by others. Go get inspired! Let it take you somewhere you wouldn't necessarily get to on your own.

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  1. Such a great day! Glad we both could be so inspired. Ah, to see the outrageous creative soul in full tilt! Enjoy, my friend. Fun to giggle and gawk today.