Monday, July 1, 2019

Beauty in All Sizes

I've been in professional theatrical costuming for two decades. In all those years I think the number of times I've built a period piece for a plus size woman I can count on my two hands and have fingers left over. How sad!  I know that most actors are thin and "The Machine" that is show biz likes it that way. "Harumph", I say!

Almost two years ago, I went on a journey of self love and decided that actors are not the only ones who should be able to dress up and there's no reason that I can't make myself a gorgeous ensemble just because I'm a plus size. So I went all out. Corset, bustle, petticoat, gown, professionally done hair, gloves, jewelry, hotel room for the night. And so I walked into my first period event all alone and it was bliss. I enjoyed every minute of it.

I want to encourage people who are thinking that it'd be fun to dress up but also thinking "there's nothing good in my size" or "I'm too big to look great in nice clothes" to toss that second thought out the window! It's simply not true!  At that first event I got nothing but ooh and aahs and complete strangers gushing over me and telling me that they'd been admiring me from afar the whole evening. There were other plus sized ladies there and they looked phenomenal! The secret? Proportion and fit.

Lucky Zelda can help you achieve the look you want, for any time period, for any size. I can consult and encourage you on ideas, styles and details that will make heads turn or I can build a custom ensemble for you. If you have sewing skills but want to take them to the next level, I can come to you for private lessons. There's so many beautiful things just waiting to be made and worn!

Pictured above is a mid to late 1950's crinoline sample that I've put on sale for $50. Black satin and net with two tiers of green satin ribbon. Bound to make any gal feel cute.

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