Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Milestone, Of Sorts

Several years ago, not long after I opened my Lucky Zelda shop, a dear friend had some lovely, light blue satin ribbon custom printed with "A Lucky Zelda Original". (She also happened to be the recipient of the first Lucky Zelda purse I ever made, before Lucky Zelda even existed.) I LOVED those labels. I used them. All. Every single one. I stitched them into each of my pieces that ended up being shipped all over everywhere. Once those ribbon labels were gone I decided to get even more officially official and had iron-on custom labels printed to match my Etsy shop's banner & my business cards. I've got quite the little brand going!

After doing some research I chose a company in southern California (shop local, people!) to print my labels. Minimum order: 1,000. What?!?!?! Well, okay, if that's the minimum. They arrived shortly. My bright blue Lucky Zelda labels in two packs of 500. It looked to be an endless supply. Last week...I opened the second pack. I have officially made more than 500 items since receiving my "endless supply" and now have just under half left.

I love milestones, even silly ones. To me they serve as a point to stop & look from where I've come, what I've walked through, who has been with me all the while. They are also a nice pause to ponder what lies ahead; for me & for Lucky Zelda.

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