Saturday, September 1, 2012

My Saddest Post

Many of you know about the origins of my business' name, Lucky Zelda. But for those of you who don't, I'll quickly fill you in:

When trying to come up with a name, I asked friends & family for suggestions. I didn't want my name to be in the business name, i.e. "Cate's Creations" nor did I want the name to be item specific, i.e. "Pretty Purses", as I wanted the freedom to make whatever I was in the mood to make. At work one day we were chatting about possibilities & I just blurted out, "Maybe I should just name it after my dogs, Lucky Zelda." The whole room had an "ah ha!" moment. Thus Lucky Zelda was born. It's always amusing when I'm at craft shows & people will call me Zelda, tell me about their grandma Zelda, sneak a photo of my banner to send to their Aunt Zelda. Once I had a man sheepishly tell me his dog was named Zelda. "Mine too!", I said.

I am an animal lover & come by it honestly, from a long line of animal lovers. Dogs have always been members of our family. I think they're one of God's greatest inventions. The dog.

My husband, Kaisara, & I got Zelda from a foster home April, 2001. We weren't in our condo for 2 months before it had a dog-shaped hole that needed filled and Zelda filled that hole magically. She came with issues & stayed a little neurotic but she's our first dog together & Kaisara's first dog at all. Road trips, camping, hiking, going to mom & dad's, all of it. If we could take Zelda, why wouldn't we.

Lucky belonged to Kaisara's sister & he came to stay with us while the family was on vacation. Once they returned, it was decided he would stay with us as he & Zelda were good company for eachother. In September 2006 we had to say goodbye to Lucky due to kidney failure & likely cancer.

I'm shocked that it's been that long. Wow.

And now after 11 1/2 years since we brought her home with us, we had to say goodbye last night to our precious girl, Zelda. 2 years ago she had a stroke in her spinal chord which she recovered from nicely but never came back 100%. She had been declining steadily, especially these past 6 months & last night she let us know, though full of life in many ways, she was ready to go. My heart is broken as I miss her terribly & do many things for the first time without "my moon" in orbit around me.

I will continue making my Lucky Zelda items, it will just be through tears for a while.

Good night, sweet girl. Thank you for being our dog.


  1. I'm sorry sorry Cate & Kaisara. Zelda was a very special dog- loved by all who knew her. :)

  2. Sooooooo sorry Cate!! What a special doggie, and huge part of every aspect of your life!! She will be very missed! Big HUGS to you!!!!

  3. My sincere condolences to you and Kaisara. Dogs are our special friends for sure. Zelda will be missed. I still miss my Joss pup and it's been more than 2 and 1/2 years since he passed.

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