Tuesday, April 3, 2012

New Pieces for New Shows

Trying to diversify my Lucky Zelda line, I've been adding more retro styled clothing to my inventory. This, of course, has been great fun for me as a professional pattern maker & seamstress for live theatre. I've been using real vintage patterns as well as patterns I've made myself. I am striving to produce items that will be consistent with the Lucky Zelda look. Beautiful, well-made by hand, retro styles that will look great together. I want my Lucky Zelda clothes to look great with my purses & accessories

Of course if I want my customers to take my Lucky Zelda clothing with them, they will want to try them on. To solve that issue, I (along with the most supportive husband) have created a great looking, private fitting room, complete with full length mirror. What a fun project! I'm so please with how it turned out.

Along with these new items, I am hoping to continue to take these new pieces to new shows this year. A couple of weeks ago I participated in The Pink Parlour in Arcadia for the first time. My fitting room proved to be very helpful & I was so pleased how many people were eager to try on my retro clothes!

I am now waiting to hear if Lucky Zelda has been accepted to Renegade Craft Fair in Los Angeles for the first time & to return to Patchwork Indie Arts & Craft Festival in their new Santa Ana location.

So while waiting, I'll keep doing what I love & am so blessed to do: sewing beautiful, high quality items that I am proud to put my name on.

Wish me luck!

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