Sunday, October 16, 2011

Wool Fabrics Now Available

So it's now fall & winter will be here before you know it. Clothes are getting cozier to keep the cold out so why shouldn't our purses get a cozier feel too? Lucky Zelda now has several different wools to get your favorite seasons into your favorite piece of your wardrobe; purses!!!

Below are a few swatch cards of our our new fabrics. There is a 12 ounce can of soda in each photo to show the size and scale.

Swatch #5 is vintage pink wool embroidered with flowers & stems. Swatch #7 is a classic plain camel color.

For plaids, the fabric can be cut on the straight grain like this:
(this purse was a one-of-a-kind & is no longer available)

Plaids can also be cut on the bias to look like this:
(this black & white purse is still available in all three sizes)

Please leave a comment below if you would like a wool Lucky Zelda purse custom made for you.

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