Thursday, January 7, 2010

Double Feature

I was notified yesterday by two different shops that they each had included a Lucky Zelda item in a treasury. Simply Doodles chose to curate a treasury of lovely vintage items & my little blue sweater was picked to be hung in this gallery with other great finds. Sweet Heart Studio went a different route & went with a red & green color theme & chose my green brocade purse to join the mix.

One of the things I love about treasuries on Etsy is the exposure you get to all of the new shops & items. I find such, well, treasures, because of the treasuries. I love seeing the wide variety of items that can be grouped together for one reason or another. They can be rabbit holes though can't they? I want to see that in more detail? Click. What else does this shop have? Click. What/who do they have listed as a favorite? Click. I love them!

Please go get caught in a rabbit trail by checking out the treasuries, the curators' shops & the other shops that are included in the treasuries. There are great things to see! Happy clicking!

And my thanks go out to Simply Doodles & Sweet Heart Studio for choosing Lucky Zelda items to be a part of there beautiful collections.

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